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Gandhian Study Centre

Gandhian Studies Centre was established at Kamla Lohtia S.D. College, Ludhiana in 2010 under Epoch Making Social Thinkers of India Scheme during XI plan of University Grants Commission, New Delhi. Epoch means ushering the new area and this centre is an effort to embark a new beginning in learning. By learning and imbibing the philosophical truths of our great intellectuals our lives can be changed. Bapu, the Father of our Nation has always been our inspiration. Gandhian Studies Centre was established with a view to motivate the younger generation to search these Truths for their lives. The revival of Gandhian concepts in younger generation lends a magic touch to the enlightenment of their personality highlighting the simplicity of life.

In the modern challenging world, the basic requirement is of pure hearted, disciplined, helpful and problem solving people who are able to meet the challenges of life with intelligence and solve contemporary problems with non-violent means. Gandhian approach to life is idealistic and pragmatic. Gandhi tried to analyze the ills of social life. He was all for Reconstruction of Society and for Non-violent Social Order. He called for a radical analysis and active effort for social change.

Assets of the Centre:

Gandhian Study Centre has well equipped Library with books relating to different aspects of Gandhian philosophy and ideology. There is Internet facility, Printing and Scanning activities for the scholars, researchers and students.

1. A preliminary meeting of Advisory Council was held at Panjab University, Chandigarh.

2. A preliminary visit to Raj Ghat, New Delhi was undertaken by Principal Dr R.L. Behl, Prof. Sandeep Chanana (Coordinator) and Mr. Hoshiar Singh (Member) on 16th Sept., 2010 before the commencement of the Centre.

3. The Centre was inaugurated by Prof. Rajinder Bhandari, Vice Chairman, Punjab State Planning Board on 29 Sept, 2010.

4. Inter State Painting Competition, ”Kala-Kriti” was organized on 30 Sept. 2010 in which reputed schools of Ludhiana City participated to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti.

5. A meeting of Advisory Council was held in Gandhian Studies Centre on 16 March, 2011 under the chairmanship of Dr. Shiv Mohan Sharma.

6. A Student Council comprising of 18 students headed by Nitin Parbhakar M.Com-II was also formed.

7. A visit to Orphanage was made with NSS Team on 17 March, 2011. The Orphanage is run by EK-JYOT an NGO under Red Cross Society with 80-90 students. Students were distributed Stationery, Painting, Drawing Material and Sweets.

8. Inter College Declamation Contest was organized on 1st October 2011 in which 20 students belonging to 10 different colleges participated.

9. Visit to Sabarmati Ashram, Ahemdabad on 22nd march, 2011 to 29th March, 2011

10. Meeting of the Advisory Council was held at Panjab University , Chandigarh on Feb, 2011.

11. 10th March, 2011, National Seminar on Gandhi’s Philosophy of Satyagraha was held with following sub themes:

a. Self Satyagraha- Self Purification

b. Satyagraha as a mean of Conflict Resolution

c. Satyagraha as a method of Social Change

d. Efficacy and Efficiency of Satyagraha in Present Times e. Satyagraha: An Art and Science in the Making 40 Delegates presented their Research Papers

12. Educational Tour undertaken to Seva Gram Ashram, Wardha and Mani Bhavan, Mumbai from 15th March, 2012 to 25th March, 2012.